The Delight of Doggy Delights by Alan Cassady-Bishop

  • Book Cover v2

Book Cover v2

Congratulations to Mrs Bishop’s Doggy Deli on the release of their book aimed at people wanting to start their own business making and selling food products for dogs. See full details of the book below.

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Nottinghamshire Entrepreneur Releases “How To” Book for Dog Lovers

Alan Cassady-Bishop, co-owner of Mrs Bishop’s Doggy Deli has released The Delight of Doggy Delights, which sets out the considerations, regulations and advice for those wanting to start their own business in making (and selling) dog treats, biscuits and cakes.

This e-book is available from Amazon as a Kindle download and will soon be released as a paperback.

“After answering many emails from people wanting our advice and asking about the many laws and regulations concerned, I decided to write this book. It’s a major retail sector, not a hobby, and I’d rather encourage competitors to do things legally and properly; after all, it’s important for the health of our dogs.”

Before working with his wife Paula in Mrs Bishop’s Doggy Deli – which was founded in 2010 – Alan worked for decades in Central London retail stores, as well as being a freelance writer and reviewer.

The Delight of Doggy Delights by Alan Cassady-Bishop – Download from Amazon onto Kindle. Soon to be released as a paperback.